Interpretation of 6 common sense during menstruation

Do not think that during menstruation can not exercise and exercise, in fact, women’s menstrual fitness is completely ok, but can not ignore the special characteristics of menstrual period, need some special measures, due to menstrual endometrial shedding bleeding, pelvic congestion, reproductive organs anti-infectivity decline At this time, the fitness should pay attention to the […]

22 precautions to prevent premature ejaculation

Early love, early sexual intercourse, early marriage, early pregnancy, etc., these are clouds, the most people, especially men can not accept premature ejaculation. However, premature ejaculation does not necessarily occur. As long as it ensures that sexual life, daily life is healthy and reasonable, and some measures to prevent premature ejaculation are used, it can […]

Be alert: four serious hazards of dysmenorrhea

Many women, especially young girls, think that dysmenorrhea is a normal phenomenon. In fact, dysmenorrhea is not normal. Unless the primary dysmenorrhea is diagnosed by a doctor, dysmenorrhea may be caused by the disease. And dysmenorrhea can also bring four very serious hazards to women’s health. Let women’s qi and blood disorders are old and […]

Man, do you really use “condoms”?

Many people use condoms when making love, and condoms have become part of most people’s sex life. It’s not because the condom looks so good or how much pleasure people have when making love. On the contrary, bringing it on it gives people a lot of discomfort or discomfort. The reason why people love and […]