These five performances tell you that he just pretended to love you very much.

Refused to a good girl. I am much older than me, beautiful, gentle, and very artistic. At that time, we got along like buddies, eating together and playing together. In front of her, I can say anything I want to say without reservation. She made me think that conversation itself can be such a pleasant thing. Later, I was tempted by myself. You all know that people are big and meet people they like. The first feeling is fear. I am afraid that she will not be able to give her happiness. I know that she likes me, but I also know that she can’t give her the future. She needs to be able to step into the marriage of love, and I am a hairy boy, a poor and white, in addition to blowing his own great ambition every day, nothing can not give her. But I still have some shakes. There is a gentle, beautiful and considerate woman by your side. Which man can’t afford a wave? One night, she was very ill. I took time to accompany her and went to find out that she was in a bad situation. She hurriedly took her to the hospital. We waited for a long time on the roadside and couldn’t get a car. She couldn’t stand it anymore, just called her friend and told him to drive to pick her up. I ran a few streets back and forth, how could I not find a taxi, and I was so sweaty, and my heart was particularly uncomfortable. At that time, I felt that if I had a car, what about it? But I don’t have a car, I can only watch her look like she can’t stand up because of the pain. Fortunately, it didn’t take long for a taxi to pass by, and let me stop and go to the hospital. At that time, she burned very badly, and it was cold at night. I held her in my arms and hoped she could get better. At that time, there was a thought in my mind: just keep going with her. I can hesitate to think about our future. Later, her euphemistic suggestion, I also euphemistically refused, and I would like to talk about what I like to wave and love freedom. But women in love always give themselves all kinds of expectations and fantasies. Later, I couldn’t help myself. I was afraid that I really moved and decided to be with her. I was even more afraid that I had consumed her youth. In the end, I was very embarrassed and evacuated. I don’t have that confidence, I don’t have that confidence, maybe not so… Love her. One night, she texted and thought of me. I stared at the text message for a long time and didn’t know how to reply to her. To be placed in the usual, there is a beautiful woman so deep, I have long been vanity, all kinds of smug, all kinds of show off. But this time, there is only awkwardness and pressure in my heart. I spent more than half an hour returning her a text message. I like young girls… she didn’t reply. I have been uncomfortable for a long time. I didn’t dare to see her. She called me several times and I didn’t pick it up. In the end, her literacy disappeared from my life, just as it never happened. Then I was drunk, I found out that her phone number was dialed and it has become an empty number. I know that I will never see her again in this life. But I always remember, she looked at my eyes, I can’t forget. That is the tenderness and love that I don’t deserve. People in this life, give up too early, I never know what I will miss, I hope she is happy, everything that is good is good. Five performance notes: He just pretends to love you very much. 1. He won’t tell you his personal life easily. When you are dating him, you try to understand him and ask questions about his family, friends and life. . However, he always deliberately avoids these problems, or just use a few abstract words instead of the whole sentence to answer, or simply transfer the topic, then you have to pay attention, he does not really want to spend the rest of your life with him, he just wants It’s just a moment to spend a good time with you. 2, he often only contacts you for a few minutes every day. Of course, everyone is busy, but the person who truly loves you will take the time to keep in touch with you even if you are busy. . On the contrary, if he only sends you a “Good Morning” text message in the morning, he will only send you a “Good Night” text message at night, and I will not see his reply at other times of the day, then you should pay attention, very Obviously, he is playing with you, which shows that it is very likely that other women will occupy his time, he just took the time to send you a text message in the morning and evening. 3. When he replies to your text message, he always says that he is “very busy”. If he doesn’t always text or call you, but the reason for all this is because he is very busy, then this is a sign. : He doesn’t want to chase you as his girlfriend. He just wants to trick you into bed. Is he really busy enough to take half an hour to keep in touch with you for a pleasant conversation? Since he is so busy, will he still have time to read your text messages and reply to your text messages? If he just uses “very busy” as the only excuse he doesn’t text or call, then he is really lying to you. 4. You have been in contact for a long time, but you find that you don’t even know him. Even though you have been in contact for a long time, you have been communicating for a long time, but you have discovered that you don’t understand him at all. You don’t know his past love history, and he doesn’t know how he relates to his female colleagues. You don’t even know if he is alone at home on weekend nights. He felt that he did not need to let him know him. 5. He refused to introduce you to his friends and family. This is the most obvious and sure sign. Of course, when you first interact, he will not immediately introduce you to his friends, his family. However, when you have been in contact for a while, when you are taking a walk together, he should at least introduce you to his friends who happened to meet on the road.