Sex life must avoid three hazards

In the process of sexual love, once we have symptoms of discomfort, we must learn to deal with it in time, and then go to the hospital for regular examination and treatment! A good sex life is the sharing and exchange of love between two people, but improper ways or behaviors can lead to pain in one way or another. Experts have raised the following harmful situations during sexual intercourse, and I hope that everyone will pay more attention so that they can enjoy sex more. Sexual life should avoid three hazards 1. When a woman with pelvic congestion is sexually excited, a large amount of blood is poured into the pelvic tissue to form a hyperemia state. If the orgasm is not reached, the pelvic congestion will fade very slowly. About 10% of people will feel discomfort in the lower abdomen and soreness under the back. Some people describe it as a kind of “pain-like pain.” Your approach: supine, use a pillow to raise the buttocks, every half an hour, 3 to 4 times a day, can help the blood back, if necessary, can take anti-inflammatory drugs. Of course, the most fundamental preventive method is to improve the quality of sexual life, and to achieve strong contraction of muscles and sexual organs during orgasm, which can quickly dissipate the state of congestion. 2, vaginal pain during sexual intercourse, woman y road pain should first determine the location. If it is y mouth pain, it may be a crack or vestibular gland inflammation, so it will hurt; if it is deep pain, it may be y-way inflammation, pelvic inflammatory disease or endometriosis. For these gynecological diseases, we must pay considerable attention and attention. Your approach: In addition to first paying attention to the development of good personal hygiene habits in daily sex life, we must go to the hospital for gynecological examination as soon as possible according to our own different conditions. 3, neck pain in the course of life, sudden neck pain, usually caused by improper posture of sexual intercourse, such as: some people like to have a head in the process of making love always on the bed, making the neck muscles stiff or cause Pulling the pain. Your approach: Take immediate local cold compress (the best ice pack) to relieve pain and edema; use a towel to twist around the neck and tie the ends tightly (without affecting breathing) to support Head to relieve the burden on the neck muscles.