How can we make the relationship between husband and wife go further?

How to make the relationship between husband and wife go further, it is a very wonderful thing for couples to reach their climax. Most men think that the importance of harmony is greater than the importance of sex. In fact, this is a very wrong idea. So, what kind of sex before The play is the most powerful. More than half of people will choose Friday sex for December is the annual peak of pregnancy, and August is the “low tide” period for pregnancy throughout the year. According to the University of Texas research, “From a biological point of view, the reason is that the quality of sperm in summer is not high, and the long nights will affect ovarian function. In December, there are many holidays, the weather is cold, people are more concentrated and more likely to become pregnant.” The sexes are the most on Friday, and Monday is a period of low sexual activity. The data comes from the 2011 sex survey of “Turning to Tokyo.” The survey involved the time, location, frequency, and identity of sexual partners of men and women in Tokyo. It turned out that 56% of people will have sex on Friday, followed by Saturday, 30%, followed by Thursday, Wednesday, Sunday, Tuesday and Monday. 83% of people like to intimate in a rainy, cloudy day, a large survey conducted by a US condom company shows that people are more likely to have intimate desires on rainy days, and their feelings will become closer. Some people refuse to be intimate because of the hot weather, and some people are reluctant to be intimate because of the cold. The former is twice as large as the latter. A US survey found that 35% of people had repeatedly refused to be intimate because of the heat, and 19% of those who refused to be intimate because of the cold weather. The chance of intimacy in the evening is 13 times in the afternoon. The people surveyed said that sexual behavior needs to be timely and good. In the afternoon, although sexual desire is high, it is not suitable for sex. It is a day’s work, which is more suitable for Qingqing. After the work is stabilized, the number of sexes will increase. Researchers at the University of Lugano in Switzerland have found that unstable work can be irritating, and sex will be more harmonious for a period of time after the work has entered a stable period.