The affair attracts a man’s happy lovable move

Every woman wants to firmly grasp the man’s heart in case they are derailed. However, inner attraction often requires physical attraction. In fact, as long as the husband and wife maintain a harmonious sexual life, it will help the sexual life and attract men. Regardless of the bed, you are firmly in love with you. How to attract men in bed? Wearing sexy clothes on the bed Every man wants his wife to wear sexy clothes when she goes home, such as beautiful stockings, sexy underwear or T-shirts, which is very attractive for men. 2. Shouting its name When a woman calls a man’s name when making love, it makes him feel proud. When you have passion, you should mess up the man’s hair. The more you pull, the better you will feel. When you have sex, you can sit on a man’s lap, touch his head back and forth with his hands, and put your fingers between the hair so that the man can get a certain degree of softening. 3. Normal sexual attitudes Most women are very conservative about sex. They dare not say when they have desires. In fact, women are very fascinated by sex. Once they have sex, they become infinitely entangled. Only in this way can men become passionate. A one-sided woman is not conducive to sex, so we must have a healthy and correct attitude. 4. Connecting the fingers of ten fingers with a male finger can create a power in sexual life that enables men to take care of or protect others. When the fingers are crossed, it means that the mind and body are tightly integrated. Men often want to see a woman’s face when making love. Men usually judge whether their posture is correct, their strength is right, and what they need to do based on their facial expressions. Therefore, women’s facial expressions are very important in sexual life. When they feel that they are not strong enough, they will also give men the sexiest expression, which will make them feel sexy. They become very enthusiastic. 5. The top community When men find that they can’t bring a climax to a woman, they feel very inferior or sad. As the most important thing for women’s enthusiasm and happiness, many women worry that they can’t reach the climax and let men lose their climax. So some women pretend to be orgasm when making love, which will make men excited. In fact, men can correctly distinguish women. Sex is a true orgasm or a false orgasm. When a false orgasm can cause them to suffer a lot, so you don’t have to pretend to be too much. More in-depth communication is enough. 6. Calling a bed while sleeping can increase a man’s enthusiasm. Even a few weak calls can stimulate their sexuality more than making love without sound. Every man wants to make a woman crazy for herself. They are more willing to believe that this is a man who makes women jealous, fantasies or other The effect of the field. Remind both men and women to pay more attention to communication and cooperation, in order to have a perfect and harmonious sex life, sexual life should be cleaned before the genitals of both sides to avoid cross-infection.