How do you remember how accurate pregnancy is when you want to get pregnant?

In life, our female friends know how to protect their bodies, because our physical quality is closely related to daily life. If the body is not good, then life will be affected. Women have ovulation, which usually occurs during ovulation. Ovulation, and the body will change, so how to calculate the ovulation period is better, what are the good methods? Basic body temperature method: the so-called basal body temperature refers to wake up in the morning, the body is quiet, the mood is also in a calm state Body temperature. During the menstrual cycle, the basal body temperature changes periodically. After menstruation and follicular phase, the basal body temperature is low. After ovulation, the ovary has corpus luteum formation, and the progesterone produced acts on the hypothalamic body temperature regulation center, which increases the body temperature by 0.30. 5 ° C, continued until the first 12 days of menstruation or the first day of menstruation, body temperature dropped to the original level. Since the body temperature of a person changes for some reasons, it is necessary to have a normal lifestyle during the measurement. The daily sleep should be kept for more than 6 hours, and the measurement time per day should be approximately the same. Specific method: Before going to sleep every night, take the thermometer to the scale, wake up the next day, do not talk, do not talk, pick up the thermometer, put it under the tongue, including five minutes. The measurement should start from the first day of menstruation (the day when the menstrual flow occurs). The body temperature measured daily is recorded as a basic thermometer. You can also go to the hospital to buy a special basal body temperature form, and follow the instructions to mark the body temperature one by one. In the normal menstrual cycle, the daily measured body temperature is plotted as a two-phase curve. If there is no ovulation, the basal body temperature does not change and changes to a single-phase curve. In normal ovulation women, the body temperature should rise for 1214 days. This form is not small. It can be used to guide contraception and conception, to assist in the diagnosis of pregnancy, and to help diagnose menstrual disorders. After 4 days of basal body temperature rise, it is sure that ovulation has already occurred. At this time, the 10th day before the menstrual tide is called the safety period. 2-3 days before and after the rise of basal body temperature is the range of ovulation, easy to conceive, known as the easy pregnancy. If you master this rule, you can guide contraception and conception. Expert comment: This ovulation day test method has female friends to choose, but this method is too cumbersome. It is necessary to measure body temperature, record and contrast every day. It is not practical for white-collar workers. It is far away from work, and it is necessary to get up early to get bus, there is not enough. Time to measure body temperature is also a reason that cannot be ignored. There are fewer people to choose. Ovulation test paper test principle: In each female menstrual cycle, the luteinizing hormone (LH) in the urine will have a high peak within 24-48 hours before ovulation, and the peak level of LH can be detected more accurately using the ovulation test strip. It should be detected regularly every day after the start of the test. When the color near the high peak is about to appear, it should be tested every 12 hours until the peak of LH is detected. Since each woman’s menstrual cycle has a different number of days, the cycle checklist can be referred to during the test. How to use: 1. Collect urine in a clean, dry container. Never use morning urine. (Remember) 2. The best time to collect urine is from 10am to 8pm. 3. Try to use urine samples at the same time every day. 4. Reduce water intake within 2 hours before collecting urine, as diluted urine samples can prevent the detection of high peaks of luteinizing hormone (LH). 5. Hold the test paper and immerse one end of the arrow mark line in the urine. After about three seconds, take it out and put it flat. After 10-20 minutes, observe the result. The result is read within 30 minutes. Read to correct. The liquid level must not exceed the MAX line. 6, it is best to open the test on the third day after the menstrual clean. To be measured every day. Can not be measured with morning urine. Until the two bars are measured as deep or the second bar is deeper than the first bar, it means that you will ovulate in 2448 hours, 3 days before ovulation (sperm and other eggs) to 3 days after ovulation (egg, etc.) Sperm) has the possibility of pregnancy in the same room. When you measure two bars, you can share the same room on the day of ovulation, and then you can go to the same room once every other day. (Because sperm can survive 4872 hours) Expert comment: This ovulation day test method has more female friends to choose, it should be that if the method is correct, the test accuracy is accurate, and the cost is lower, it is ideal for female friends. The choice method.