What is the increase in secretions after ovulation?

How does the secretion increase after ovulation in the same room? Many people are puzzled by the increase in secretions after ovulation in the same room. In fact, in the process of the same room, because of their sexual excitement, the organs in the pelvic cavity are abundant, and the secretions in the uterus are increased. At the same time, the number of secretions from the vestibular gland increased significantly, and a large amount of secretory mucus went smoothly. Therefore, after the same room, the leucorrhea will increase. Under normal circumstances, during the period before the ovulation period, the level of estrogen in the body gradually increased, and the secretion of cervical mucus also gradually increased. The number of vaginal discharges was the highest on the eve of the ovulation period. After the ovulation period, estrogen levels decrease and become thicker. This change is actually to accommodate the meeting of the egg and sperm during ovulation. It is not difficult to see from this normal physiological rule that the number of vaginal discharges may increase as the level of estrogen increases. Just the sexual life depends on the driving of estrogen in the body, so the gynecological hospital experts pointed out that in the sexual life, the body will be a total mobilization of estrogen, with the emergence of sexual life and the orgasm, the body’s estrogen will appear for a while With the increase in sex, with this nerve reflex, the gland is a large increase in the production of secretions. This is the case with ovulation, as well as during non-ovulation. Of course, due to the temporary increase in estrogen levels, it will also temporarily increase the secretion of cervical mucus, paraurethral gland fluid or vestibular gland fluid, so the leucorrhea increases after sexual life, which is the reason. In general, in the young and middle-aged age, the level of estrogen in the body is increased, the metabolism of sex hormones is very strong, and the function of the glands is also strong. On the contrary, after the elderly, the level of sex hormone metabolism in the body decreases, the function of the gland is also reduced, and the secretion is reduced. Therefore, even if the elderly have sexual impulses, the vaginal opening is not easy to be lubricated, but adversely affects the sexual life.